Monday, 5 September 2016

What To Do If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked

What To Do If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked

Facebook Is A Social Networking Site Which Is Becoming Popular Day By Day And The Hacking Activity Has Also Been Increased. So, In This Post I am Going To Tell You What Steps Should Be Taken If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked By Someone.

Steps To Be Taken If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked ?

1.) Go To Facebook Login Page i.e ( )

2.) Now, Click On forgot Password 

3.) Then, Facebook Will Ask You To Enter Your registered Email Id Or Phone Number (Account Hacked)

4.) Enter, Your Registered Email Id Or Phone Number And Facebook Will Send A Verification Code

5.) Now, Check Your Email Id Or Phone For The verification Code And enter It In the Box

6.) When You Will Enter The code.....Facebook Will Redirect You To A New Page Where You Will
Need To Choose A New Password.

Make Sure You Choose A Strong Password This Time....Containing Both Uppercase And Lowercase As Well As Numbers

7.) Now, Dont Leave Checking Your Account After Getting Access To It, Change All Your Recovery Information, Hackers May Change Your Email Address In Account Security
So, Make Sure That All The Email Id's Belong To You

8.) Now Remove The Suspicious Apps From Your Account

     Go To Home -> Account Settings -> Apps

Now, Go Through All The Apps Present In The List, If You Detect Any App You Dont Know About
Just Click " X " To Remove It.

If You Don't Get Any Help From The Above Given Steps, You Can Contact Facebook Using Help Center

If You Have Any Queries Feel Free To Contact !

That's It...Enjoy !


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